Remembering the life and work of Chief Rabbi Cyril Harris
and the foundation that carried on his legacy

For Chief Rabbi Cyril Harris, being a Jew meant engaging with the world and its issues. He lived out his faith with a strong social conscience and high moral standards, tirelessly working with others to address social ills.

During his time as Chief Rabbi of South Africa, Harris made a lasting impression and inspired many, inside and outside of the Jewish community he worked to build and nurture.

After he passed away in 2005, a small group of his friends started a charitable foundation in his honour, to try and carry on his legacy in a way he would have approved of. Over the fifteen years that followed, the foundation has assisted many organisations in fields that Cyril Harris had a warm heart for.

In 2020, practical reasons led the foundation to close down. This website continues to exist as a tribute in memory of Cyril Harris, as well as the foundation that worked to preserve the legacy of this exceptional man in a most meaningful way.